I’m an employee of the XXXXXXX library.

Unfortunately, my library has engaged in many instances of political behavior during my years of service with them.  The worst of this occurred last year when staff, during work time, held a Black Lives Matter protest.  The library then proceeded to endorse Black Lives Matter on the homepage.  At least XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I’m writing you, as I’m curious if you know of any movements amongst public library employees to break public libraries away from the reach of the American Library Association?   It seems this organization has been at the root of much of the political bias infiltrating public libraries.



Could you — anonymously if necessary — change some small details to ensure your anonymity and write something about your own perspectives about the politics in your own library? (to post at the Underground Library Free Thinkers Association web site). You could mask out anything that could identify you or your home base. You could speak in generalities where needed.

I place in your arms the problem implicit in your question to me: if you are unwilling to do even this (which is likely), you see how impossible it is to get anything rolling, of significance, against the ALA. If people are afraid to criticize what’s looming towards them in the face, what can be expected for the future?  If everyone chooses silence, there is absolutely no hope that anything will change. THINGS WILL GET WORSE, of course.