I wanted to thank you for putting on the historical record the heinous firing of Mr. Ron Kelly. I heard the story on Dennis Prager’s show today and as a librarian, Ron’s experience hits close to home! 

In my case, [XXXXX], I chose to work in media as an editor for [XXXXXXXXX]

Similar to Mr. Kelly, I began raising questions about biased, politically charged editorial copy in our news and reviews features. I also pointed out to my colleagues that conservative voices were not being covered [XXXX] As Kelly noted [XXXX] the American Library Association has endorsed ideas that go against the very premise of what a library is and should be: to provide unbiased access to information for all people. 

The organization’s mandate to advance issues of “equity, diversity, and inclusion” aka “critical librarianship,” was my company’s defense for not addressing my concerns. Instead, I was the one who was reprimanded and told to stop pushing back on these ideas. Who pushes back on real diversity? I was then stripped of my editing duties, as an editor who cannot question copy serves no real purpose, and seeing the writing on the wall, I [XXXXX], before I was fired like Kelly. I had been with the company for [XXXXX]. 

Thus, I was so blessed to read about Mr. Kelly’s courage! I did a google search for his contact but with no luck. I bet there are many [XXXXX] out there like me and Ron and I believe we need to find one another and fight back or else the public library, which we love as one of the last free spaces in this once free country, will be lost forever. 

Sorry to write so much. Could you help me get in touch with Ron? I would be so grateful.