Kudos upon kudos.

I just read in pjmedia online about your struggles for freedom of speech & thought, & share your extreme frustration & anger over the current, horrifying attack on anyone who dares to speak their mind, if it differs from the attackers’ opinion in any way. How in the world did we in America ever get to this point, when our founders made freedom of speech the very 1st Amendment, showing its critical importance in a democracy! Unbelievable!! As a former elementary & high school librarian, now retired, I have been very disappointed & upset with ALA’s viewpoints for many years. So please keep up the good fight!!!

 The article said ACLU wasn’t interested in your case, which is no surprise, because their name is really a misnomer. I wondered if you had thought of contacting the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ)? They dedicate themselves to fight for rights & freedom in just this kind of case. I know there are also several other organizations who do the same, & often with no charge. I’m sure if the ACLJ doesn’t think they can fit your case into their schedule, they can advise you on who to contact for alternatives. We all need to do everything we can to fight the “thought police”, or I’m sure there will be even more scary consequences in the future, & it’s more than bad enough already! Never thought we’d see this happening in OUR free country! I only thought these kinds of things were relegated to countries such as Hitler’s Germany, the Soviet Union, China etc. Praying for great results eventually for you in your fight for our rights!!  May I ask what you are doing now for employment? I’m just infuriated that a fellow librarian would be taken out of such vital service to communities who need him so desperately! …

Yayyy! So very glad you’re progressing (in the GOOD sense!) with your very important legal case for freedom of speech & the website! …

The most recent example I can think of immediately is the nonsensical censorship of Dr Seuss books, claiming that they’re xenophobic! I feel nothing can be further from the truth, as so many of his books make such a strong case (in a way that impressionable kids understand) for seeing everyone as equals, not looking down on anyone for their differences. We can only hope & pray that the so-called “progressives” would take that message to heart, instead of mere lip service, gaslighting anyone who dares to be or think differently from them!

Praying for great things to happen with your legal case & website, & the very vital freedom of speech that our Constitution guarantees, yet is being so horribly attacked! All in the name of “freedom” & “diversity”, unless of course one thinks or says anything the “progressives” (what a misnomer!) that is diverse from their way of thinking. I CANNOT understand how, in AMERICA, disagreeing with someone can possibly be called “hate speech”, even if there’s no hint of hate or dislike in the statements. I also cannot fathom how some of the “liberal” (really anything BUT liberal or free in their thinking) can say absolutely horrifying things about those they disagree with, & that’s perfectly acceptable & never thought to be “hate speech”? Really??? Unbelievable the depths we’ve sunk to, that I would have thought only happened in totalitarian countries! But with enough of us saying “NO MORE!” I truly believe we can turn things around & will see the America again that we knew & loved, & that so many gave their very lives to preserve!

With God, ALL things are possible!!

(I would prefer to be anonymous if you choose to use these thoughts.)